About M-Factory


About Our Gym

M-FACTORY is a kickboxing and Muay Thai gym for fitness purpose. It is not for pros and serious athletes who are planning to fight in official matches. We want to help you with releasing the stress, overcoming inactivity, reducing the bodily fat to trim your body, and acquiring better skills. And we want you to be healthier with kickboxing. Those are the sincere hope of us here at this gym. Let’s enjoy kickboxing together.



Group Lesson:
2,200〜3,300 yen for 45〜60-minute session. Select a class that accept trial from the timetable, and apply on the web, over the phone or directly at the gym.

Private Lesson:
4,400 yen for 45-minute session. Come up with the three desired dates/times and apply on the web, over the phone or directly at the gym. Hours = 09:00 – 22:30. Time slots for trials are mostly in the morning to the early evening.


Initial Cost

Initiation Fee: 11,000 yen – some discount available every month for different campaign

Registration Fee: 4,400 yen
Monthly Membership Fee (depends on the membership you sign up for)
Membership fee for the first two months need to be paid upon signing up.
Not applicable to Short-term Course for business/private travelers.
We also have annual and semi-annual membership fees.

What You Need to Sign Up


If you sign up for a monthly course, the membership fee needs to be paid by automatic bank transfer. Seal registered at the bank (in case you register with your signature, let us know.) ID (including health insurance card, driver’s license, passport, and residence card) 1 Face Photo (If you do not have one, we can take one at the gym.)

Monthly Courses

Once-A-Week Course: 6,600 yen ⇨ Can use the gym on any one day of the week. If you cannot come on the day you choose, the usage right cannot be carried over to the following week.

Twice-A-Week Course: 7,700 yen ⇨ Can use the gym on any two days of the week. If you cannot come on the days you choose, the usage right cannot be carried over to the following week.

Master Course: 11,000 yen ⇨ Can use the gym on any day when it is open. 

Four-Times-A-Month Course: 7,150 yen ⇨ Can use the gym for any combination of four days a month.

Shapely Girls Course(Twice-A-Week) : 7,700 yen ⇨ Female only. Can participate only in Shapely Girls Class . 

For travelers and those on business trips

Group lesson courses for travel & business trip use:
One lesson/One hour of free training: ¥2,200
One day use, lesson/free training: ¥3,300
Two days' use, lesson/free training: ¥5.500
3 days' use, lesson/free training: ¥7,150
Personal kick boxing lesson for travelers and business trippers:
Beginner course One 50-minute lesson - 4400 yen
This includes a lesson on basic actions and mitt training.
Experienced course One 50-minute lesson - 5500 yen
This includes light one-to-one practice on defense and mass sparring.

What to Bring


A separate outfit you can be comfortable to exercise in Towel
Beverage for hydration
*No gym shoes necessary

Available for Rent

Punching gloves: 100 yen
Shin Guards: 100 yen
16oz Gloves: 200 yen
T-shirt/half-pants: 250 yen each

Available for Purchase


Cotton Work Gloves: 50 yen
Bandage: 1,210 yen
Quick Bandage: 1,980 yen
Punching gloves: 3,300 yen
Shin Guards: 4,400 yen

What to Bring for Different Classes

Shapely Kick: None
Shapely Girls: None
Basic: Punching gloves
Progress: Punching gloves + Shin guards
Mass Sparring: 16oz gloves, Leg guards, Foul cup, Knee guards, Mouthpiece
Voluntary Training (Mitts & Sandbags): Punching gloves

How to Use the Gym


Give your membership card at the reception, receive the locker key in the locker room, and change in the locker room. Leave the key with the reception before exercising.

When you participate in a class, arrive 10 minutes earlier whenever possible for warm-up exercises. In case you are late, you can still participate in the class if the delay is within 10 minutes.

You can use any of the sandbags, mitts and other training aids specified in the course rule during your free training period.
Clean gloves and mitts you use with the designated scrubbing cloth and deodorant spray. When the floor is smeared with sweat, clean with the floor cloth.

A section in the free training period is dedicated to receiving advice from our instructor. You can have the instructor hold the mitts and hit at them during that section. Around three minutes 2 Rounds (Can differ depending on the situation.)

When you leave, retrieve your locker key from the reception. After you change, return the locker key to the reception and receive your membership card.

Japanese Greetings You Need to Use When You Are in Our Gym

When you come in: Kon-ni-chi-wa こんにちは
When you leave: Otsu-ka-re-sa-ma-de-su おつかれさまです
When you start practicing: O-ne-ga-i-si-ma-su おねがいします
When you finish practicing: A-ri-ga-to-u ありがとうございます

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